The Last Minute College Application Checklist

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The application deadlines for many universities are just around the corner. While some students are finalizing their applications, many students are still scrambling about writing the essays, asking for recommendation letters, and collecting all the information needed for the applications. If you are one of those late-starters, don’t worry. We have put together a Last Minute College Application Checklist to help you focus on the required tasks in the next few weeks:


College Application Checklist – Week 1:


– Create a list of schools that you are applying to

– Write down the application deadlines for each of the schools

– Go onto the school websites and print out their applications and all the required forms

– Write down the list of topics for your personal statements or essays you need to write

– If recommendation letters are needed for any of the schools you are applying to, provide the following to your recommenders:

     – The recommendation form (if any)

     – The recommendation letter instruction (if any)

     – Your transcript

     – A brief letter to your recommenders to remind him or her of who you are and what achievements you have accomplished

     – The deadlines of the applications and the date of when you would like to collect the recommendation letters from him or her


College Application Checklist – Week 2:


– Make sure all your test scores (SAT, ACT, AP, IB, TOFEL) have been sent to the schools

– Request your high school transcript to be sent to the schools (if required)

– Start writing the personal statements and short essays with full force


College Application Checklist – Week 3:


– Collect the recommendation letters from your recommenders

– Pick two or three teachers or counselors to review your essays and revise your essays based on their feedback

– Start filling out the application forms


College Application Checklist – Week 4:


– Finalizing the personal statements and essays

– Review the final applications and make sure they are completed and signed

– Make copies of all the application materials

– Mail or electronically send your final application packages

After sending the applications, you should write the thank you letters to your recommenders and start looking at financial aid options. It is a good time to start filling out FAFSA and applying for scholarships.

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