A New Way to Impress College Admission with Extracurricular Activities

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Besides your GPA and test scores, college admission officers are interested in learning about the extracurricular activities that you participate in during your high school years. However, these activities do not have to be the traditional ones. Don’t get me wrong. Honor societies, school newspaper, and community service groups are great. But these are not the only ones that admission officers want to see. We have found some new ways to impress college admission with extracurricular activities.


A recent US News Article talks about incorporating jobs and hobbies into your college application. Colleges understand that not every student is interested or has the opportunity to participate in the traditional extracurricular activities. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the personal qualities that they are looking for. Below are the non-traditional activities you should include in your college application.


1. Blogging

Do you run a blog that helps people solve problems?  Are you a contributing writer for some established blogs? As many people know, running a blog can be as time-consuming as running a business. A successful blogger possesses great personal qualities such as insightful, persistence, and passionate. If you are spending a good amount of time outside of your classroom to maintain a blog, say it on your college application. You may also include the URL so admission officers can check out your work.


2. Part-Time Jobs

Some students might need to work part-time to meet their financial and/or family needs. Don’t be afraid to tell admission officers about the part-time job(s) you have and what your responsibilities are. When you work to support your family’s needs, you can demonstrate that you are a responsible person.  Also, juggling between work and school while maintaining good grades can demonstrate that you are a driven, committed, and hardworking student. By taking up advanced positions, you can demonstrate your leadership skills.


3. Online Store

Do you own an online store where you sell your handmade craft or customized products? If yes, your college application would be the place for you to brag about your accomplishments. Tell admission officers about the story behind your work, the challenges you face, and how you solve them. Colleges would be impressed by the work you have done to create and manage a successful business outside your high school life.


4. YouTube Videos

Have you created any youtube videos to teach others about your expertise? Many people these days are educating others by utilizing the youtube platform so the online audience can be benefited from them.  It would be even better if your videos have attracted many traffics and positive comments. Admission officers would see you as someone who enjoys teaching others, likes sharing ideas, and feels comfortable presenting to a large group of audience.


What if I don’t have any of these extracurricular activities?

We just named a few activities above to give you some ideas on how to bump up your extracurricular activities section in your college application. However, the list doesn’t end here. The main point is that there are a lot of ways for you to demonstrate your values and personal qualities to admission officers. You should not limit yourself to those traditional activities. Actually, adding some creative elements in your college application might even make you stand out as an excellent candidate.


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