40 Questions to Ask During Your Campus Tours

campus tour

While you are narrowing down the list of colleges you are going to apply to, there is nothing better than visiting the actual campus before finalizing the list. Visiting campus allows you to connect your imagination to the reality. Having a sense of physical presence on campus and speaking directly with current students are great ways to get insights of what is really like being a student in that school.

What Should I Expect From The Campus Tours?

Almost all universities offer campus tours regularly to prospective students and their parents. The campus tours are usually conducted by current students who are trained to provide general information about the school to the visitors. The tour guide is also the person to answer the questions you have. So if you’re planning to visit a campus, be sure to do your homework before going so you can get the most out of the tours. One part of the homework is to create a list of questions to ask the tour guide or the current students.

At Edvanco, we have created the list for you to get you started!

Academic Experience:

– How competitive is it to get into the popular classes? Who has the priority to enroll?
– Does the school offer any honor classes?
– What is the average professor-to-student ratio?
– What is the percentage of classes taught by teaching assistant?
– What is the percentage of professor’s time spent on teaching vs. researching?
– Does the school have any tutoring or academic help services available?
– What is the percentage of students going to graduate school immediately after graduation?
– What is the average length of time for students to graduate? What is the percentage of students graduating within 4 years?
– Which academic programs are the most popular?
– How easily is it to change majors?
– Does the school accept AP / Honor / Community College credits?
– Is there any research opportunity available for undergraduate students?
– Are professors encouraged to integrate technology into their teaching to enhance student’s learning experience?


– Are first year students guarantee with housing?
– Is there a waitlist for dorm?
– Which dorm building is the most popular for freshmen and why?
– What other on-campus or off-campus housing options available?
– What is the percentage of freshman living on campus?
– What amenities are available in dorm?
– How hard is it to find an off-campus housing?

Financial Aid:

– What is the percentage of students receiving financial aid (student loans, grants, scholarships)?
– How many work-study opportunities available in school?
– What kind of part-time job opportunities available on campus?
– What are some of the grants or scholarships available for students to apply to after they are admitted?
– What is the average amount of loans that students need to take out to complete the program?

Career Services:

– What is the percentage of students finding a job within six months of graduation?
– Does the school’s career center offer services such as resume writing, job matching etc.?
– Does the school have connections with local companies that offer internship opportunities?
– Do companies conduct on-campus recruiting or interviews?

Student Life:

– What kind of transportation options available for students who travel to and from campus?
– Is it popular for students to drive to school? What is the cost of having a car on campus?
– Is the neighborhood safe? What safety and security measures does the school have in place?
– What kind of meal plan options are available for students who live on / off-campus?
– Does the school connect with students using social media or social platforms?
– Is there a study-abroad program for students? What are the requirements for such program?
– What kind of resources available for students with disability?

Extracurricular Activities:

– How many student-run organizations are there on campus?
– What is the process of creating a new organization?
– I have a strong interest in ___________, does the school have any organizations in this area?
– What are some of the most popular organizations on campus?

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