4 Things You Should Include In Your Follow Up Email After an Internship Interview

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You just finished interviewing for an internship. You think you did pretty well during the interview and the interviewer said he would let you know in a week. The moment you got home, you sent a follow-up email to the interviewer and started the waiting game.


But two weeks have gone by. There is no email, no call, and no news from the employer. You start feeling some frustrations but you’re not giving up hope just yet.


You decided to send another follow up email but you don’t want to sound pushy, and you definitely don’t want to annoy your potential employer. What should you write on the follow-up email?


There are so many “follow-up email” templates on the internet, but you should avoid using them. Those standardized templates, which employers see all the time, would not make you stand out. Instead, your email should be tailored specifically to the employer, the position, and the interview.


Here are four tips on writing your follow-up email:


1. Remind them Who You Are


Interviewers are busy. Besides doing their own job, they need to take time out to interview candidates. Therefore, don’t give them a headache by having them figure out who you are. In your follow up email, you can remind them a little bit about yourself in just a few sentences, including your name, the position you are interviewing for, your background, and an interesting point discussed during the interview.


2. Confirm Your Interest


The next step is to tell them that you are still very interested in the internship and why you are interested. The reasons could be the type of work, the company culture, the specific project, the team, or anything mentioned during the interview. In your follow up email, you should also explain why you would be a good fit for the position by connecting the skillset you have with the position requirements.


3. Answer The Questions


If during the interview, you stumbled upon an interview question that you didn’t know how to answer, you should take the chance to answer the question in your follow up email. By doing your homework and answering the question, the interviewer would be impressed with your enthusiasm and your willingness to go beyond to pursue the opportunity.


4. Ask For A Timeline


It is okay to ask for a timeline in your follow up email. Most of the time, the hiring decision does not depend on one person. When a few people need to be involved in selecting a candidate, it may take longer than you think. However, if you are one of the finalists, they would most likely give you an estimated timeline. The timeline gives you an indication of when you should follow up again if you don’t hear back from them.


Don’t Stop The Search

If you are actively seeking an internship, don’t let the wait stop you. It doesn’t matter how well the interview went and what assurances the interviewer made, the position is not yours until you have the offer in your hand. So while you’re waiting, you should keep applying for other opportunities and setting up other interviews. You might even be able to push for the decision when you have another offer in hand. If the employer simply ignores your follow up emails, you should take it as a cue and move on to other opportunities.


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